Client Reviews


Professional, efficient, and results-driven

Jordan Foster is an incredible lawyer! Exceeded every expectation I had for a lawyer. He is willing to answer any questions you may have. Very knowledgeable of the law and helped me get the best possible outcome for my case. I was originally arrested for a DUI and with his amazing help I walked away with reckless driving and minor fines. I would highly recommend Mr. Foster for anyone that has any legal matter. He is the best! Thank you for everything you have done.



I hired Jordan a year ago. I was prosecuted with a DUI. It got dropped to neg driving because of his awesome representation.


Thank God for Jordan Foster!

My experience with Jordan was great. If I ever had any other legal issues in the future I would come back to him! He got me exactly what I was asking for from the courts when all others said I wouldn't have a chance! He was always professional, knowledgeable, and guided me through the entire process. Not once did I ever feel judged by him, and he cared a great deal about the outcome of my legal matter. He was always super easy to get in touch with whenever I needed him. I would highly recommend Jordan to anyone looking for representation. He will do his absolute best to help you with your needs.


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