Traffic Tickets

Its inevitable that if you drive long enough you are bound to get stopped and cited for a traffic infraction. Traffic tickets can be not only annoying, but costly. The fine itself might be somewhat reasonable, but moving violations can also affect your insurance rates.  If you want to fight back and contest your traffic ticket, give me a call.

Moving vs. Non-Moving Violations

When it comes to traffic citations, one of the main concerns for most people is knowing whether the traffic violation will affect one’s insurance rates. Sure the traffic fine is bad enough, but also having it increase insurance rates is when it really hurts. In this regard, violations are categorized into moving and non-moving violations. The moving violations are the ones that will more than likely cause a hike in your insurance rates. The non-moving violations should not have any effect.

In determining whether the violation is moving or non-moving, the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) provides a comprehensive list of “moving violations”. The list and statutory citation is listed here: WAC 308-104-160

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